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BS 1192 Hatch Patterns, BS 8541-2:2011  Hatch Patterns

2.301 Blockwork

2.302 Brickwork

2.303 Stonework

2.404 Plaster/render/screed

2.405 Concrete

2.406 Granular Fill

2.407 Hard Fill

2.408 Subsoil

2.409 Topsoil

2.410 Mulch

2.301 Blockwork BS1192 2.301 Blockwork AutoCAD Hatch Pattern 2.302 Brickwork BS1192 2.302 Brickwork AutoCAD Hatch Pattern

This page will allow you to download AutoCAD Hatch patterns that comply with BS 1192: 1987 Part 3. Recommendations for symbols and other Graphic Conventions and also BS 8541-2:2011 Library objects for architecture, engineering and construction. Recommended 2D symbols of building elements for use in building information modelling.

The Blockwork, Hardfill & Mulch patterns should have the hatch origin set to the lower line and scale set to the distance between the lower and upper line.

CAD Standards should use recognised hatching conventions. The British Standard compliant patterns on this page ensure that your company CAD standards are based on industry best practice.

BS1192 2.410 mulch AutoCAD Hatch Pattern BS1192 2.408 Earth Subsoil AutoCAD Hatch Pattern BS1192 2.406 Granular Fill  AutoCAD Hatch Pattern BS1192 2.405 Concrete  AutoCAD Hatch Pattern BS1192 2.404 plaster render screed  AutoCAD Hatch Pattern BS1192 2.303 Stonework work AutoCAD Hatch Pattern 2.303 Stonework 2.404 Plaster 2.406 Granular Fill 2.408 Subsoil 2.410 Mulch 2.405 Concrete 2.407 Hard Fill BS1192 2.407 Hard Fill AutoCAD Hatch Pattern Click Here for More Patterns