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Free Seamless Tree Bark Texture Patterns

Seamless texturesof bark patterns for free download. Free tree bark Textures including oak, beech, silver birch etc suitable for landscape drawings using  Google Sketchup. 3DS Max

Bark-0492 Bark-0493 Bark-0494 Bark-0495 Bark-0496 Bark-0497 Bark-0498 Bark-0499 Bark-0499b Bark-0500 Bark-0501 Bark-0501b Bark-0502 Bark-0503 Bark-0503b Bark-0503c Bark-0504 Bark-0504b Bark-0504c Bark-0505 Bark-0505b Bark-0508 Bark-0509 Bark-0510 Bark-0512 Bark-0514 Bark-0515 Bark-0516

Download Instructions

To download a 512x512 pixel version of an image. Click on the image and select Open to view or Save to save a copy