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Free Seamless Fabric Texture Patterns

Seamless textures of fabric patterns for free download. Free Textures suitable for Photoshop, Google Sketchup. 3DS Max, includes knitted pattern, hessian, sack cloth, woven

Fabric-0071 Fabric-0074 Fabric-0076 Fabric-0102 Fabric-0104 Fabric-0104b Fabric-0105 Fabric-0106 Fabric-0108 Fabric-0109 Fabric-0110 Fabric-0112a Fabric-0112b Fabric-0115 Fabric-0134 Fabric-0136a Fabric-0136b Fabric-0136c Fabric-0136d Fabric-0137 Fabric-0140 Fabric-0140b Fabric-0140c Fabric-0141 Fabric-0142 Fabric-0142b Fabric-0143 Fabric-0145 Fabric-2832 Hessian Fabric-2867 Hessian Sacking Fabric-DSC_0069

Download Instructions

To download a 512x512 pixel version of an image. Click on the image and select Open to view or Save to save a copy