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Free Hatch Patterns conforming with Architectural Graphic Standards  

This page will allow you to download free AutoCAD Hatch patterns that comply with the American Institute of Architects (AIA) Architectural Graphic Standards (AGS) book

CAD Standards should use recognised hatching conventions. The compliant patterns on this page ensure that your company CAD standards are based on industry best practice.




Cast in Place Concrete

Precast Concrete

Coarse Porous Fill (Gravel)

Fine Porous Fill

Cementitious Decks and Toppings


Plywood (rough)

Plywood for Architectural Woodwork

Particle Board (rough)

Particle board for Architectural Woodwork

Orientated Strand Board (OSB)

Gypsum Wall Board (GWB)

Lath and Plaster


Glazed Brick

Batt Fibrous Insulation






BS1192 2.302 Brickwork AutoCAD Hatch Pattern
BS1192 2.410 mulch AutoCAD Hatch Pattern
BS1192 2.408 Earth Subsoil AutoCAD Hatch Pattern
BS1192 2.406 Granular Fill  AutoCAD Hatch Pattern
BS1192 2.405 Concrete  AutoCAD Hatch Pattern
BS1192 2.404 plaster render screed  AutoCAD Hatch Pattern
BS1192 2.303 Stonework work AutoCAD Hatch Pattern
BS 5930 Metamorphic Medium Grained AutoCAD Hatch Pattern
AutoCAD Plywood Hatch Pattern Wiley
Batt Fibrous Insulation Hatch Pattern
Wiley Rigid Insulation AutoCAD Hatch Pattern
Wiley Loose Fill Insulation AutoCAD Hatch Pattern
Finish Wood AutoCAD Hatch Pattern
Wiley Aluminum AutoCAD Hatch Pattern

Download Instructions

To download a pattern click on the text below a pattern, eg  HWOOD7E1  and select save

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