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AutoCAD Hatch Scale Problem



You have two drawings using the same hatch pattern name, to make the appearance match, one drawing has to have the hatch pattern scale approximately 25 bigger than the other.



AutoCAD has two hatch pattern files.  acad.pat (imperial) and acadiso.pat  (metric) The pattern that is used is determined by the setting of  MEASUREMENT variable when the pattern is first inserted.


MEASUREMENT 1 uses acadiso.pat  (metric)

MEASUREMENT 0 uses acad.pat   (imperial)

It would be good practice to set all your template files to the same setting


Below are extracts from the pat files. note the ratio between the files is 3.175/0.125=25.4, (1 inch is 25.4mm)


*ANSI31, ANSI Iron, Brick, Stone, Masonry

45, 0, 0, 0, 3.175



*ANSI31, ANSI Iron, Brick, Stone, Masonry

45, 0, 0, 0, 0.125


To update a pattern (option 1)

Set the MEASUREMENT variable to the chosen setting, select the hatch, right click pick properties pick scale, change value to anything and change it back again, this forces it to update and refer to the correct pat file.


MEASUREINIT Controls whether a drawing you start from scratch uses imperial or metric default settings.

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