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AutoCAD Hatching Variables



COMPAREHATCH  2019 Determines if hatch entities are used in drawing comparison

HPANG V12 Specifies the hatch pattern angle

HPANNOTATIVE 2011 Controls whether a new hatch pattern is annotative.

HPASSOC 2005 Controls whether hatch patterns and gradient fills are associative

HPBACKGROUNDCOLOR 2011 Controls the background color for hatch patterns

HPBOUND V13 Controls the object type created by BHATCH and BOUNDARY

HPBOUNDRETAIN 2 011 Controls whether boundary objects are created for new hatches and fills

HPCOLOR 2011 Sets a default color for new hatches

HPDLGMODE 2011 Controls the display of the Hatch and Gradient dialog box and the Hatch Edit dialog box

HPDOUBLE V12 Specifies hatch pattern doubling for user-defined patterns

HPDRAWORDER 2005Controls the draw order of hatches and fills. Stores the Draw Order setting from the Hatch and Fill Dialog Box

HPGAPTOL 2005 Treats a set of objects that almost enclose an area as a closed hatch boundary

HPINHERIT 2006 Controls the hatch origin of the resulting hatch when using Inherit Properties in HATCH and HATCHEDIT

HPISLANDDETECTION 2011 Controls how islands within the hatch boundary are treated

HPISLANDDETECTIONMODE 2011 Controls whether internal closed boundaries, called islands, are detected

HPLASTPATTERN 2011 read only, last pattern used

HPLAYER 2011 Sets layer that all new hatches will be created on

HPLINETYPE 2015      Controls the display of non-continuous linetypes in a hatch pattern

HPMAXAREAS 2012 The Maximum number of hatch areas

HPMAXLINES 2008 Sets the maximum number of hatch lines that are generated in a hatch operation. minimum of 100 and a max of 10,000,000

HPNAME V12 Sets a default hatch pattern name of up to 34 characters without spaces

HPOBJWARNING 2006Sets the number of hatch boundary objects that can be selected before displaying a warning message. The max value is larger than 100,000,000

HPORIGIN 2006 Sets the hatch origin point for new hatch objects relative to the current user coordinate system

HPORIGINMODE 2006 Controls how HATCH determines the default hatch origin point

HPPICKMODE  2014     Sets whether the default method for identifying what to hatch is by select a point or to select an object.

HPQUICKPREVIEW 2011 Controls whether a hatch preview is displayed when specifying a hatch area

HPQUICKPREVTIMEOUT 2012 Sets  maximum duration when AutoCAD tries to generate a hatch preview  using the HATCH command

HPRELATIVEPS 2013 A toggle, hatch pattern scaling relative to the paper space scale factor or not

HPSCALE V12 Specifies the hatch pattern scale factor

HPSEPARATE 2006 Controls whether HATCH creates a single hatch object or separate hatch objects when operating on several closed boundaries

HPSPACE V12 Specifies the hatch pattern line spacing for user-defined simple patterns

HPTRANSPARENCY 2011 Sets the default transparency for new hatches and fills.

MIRRHATCH 2011 Controls how MIRROR reflects hatch patterns

OSNAPHATCH 2005 Now obsolete from 2010: Use the OSOPTIONS system variable to control whether object snaps ignore hatch objects. The default setting, 0, improves performance

PICKSTYLE Controls the use of group selection and associative hatch selection

HatchBoundSet 2011 read only reports the contents of the hatch boundary set. 0 = current viewport, 1 = existing set.

OSOPTIONS 2010 Automatically suppresses object snaps on hatch objects and geometry with negative Z values when using a dynamic UCS.

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